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Hi. My name is Mark Franklin, President of Faster Hot Water. My son and I have always enjoyed tinkering around in the garage and as it turns out we are pretty good at taking things apart to see how they work.

As we put things back together we are always looking at how we can make it better or use it in a way that it was not designed for.

We are also very passionate about water conservation and as it turns out our customers can be very passionate about our products. Check out this video that was made by one such customer.

In the video he demonstrates how he measured the amount of water he and his family wasted waiting for it to get hot before he installed one of our systems, how he installed the system and how the system works now that it is installed. By the way he is not a plumber and did the installation himself.

I am a civil engineer by training and previously owned a company that worked on the engineering design of over $150 million worth of commercial and residential properties in the San Diego area.

Over the years I noticed how inefficiently water was being used in the buildings we were working on. My curiosity led me to become actively involved in finding ways to conserve water.

After several years of creating water and energy conservation products for apartments and hotels we developed the WaterQuickPro II hot water circulation system for single family homes.

It all started when a friend of mine found out about the product we had designed and patented for hotels that helped them get hot water in specific areas of the hotel.

She wondered if I could downsize it for her house. She was so frustrated because she was waiting for hot water all of the time.

I said "I probably can but is there anything else you would like me to do?"

She said "Yes, there is one more thing. I would like you to design it so simple to install that I can put it in myself."

So of course I had to find out what her skill level was so I asked her "What do you know about tools?"

She said "I know which end of the hammer to hit my husband with."

We didn't quite get the installation that simple but it is a two-hour easy install and can be installed in every home regardless how you heat the water.

We’re no longer working out of the garage and with many areas of the US experiencing severe levels of drought we can see our efforts are making a difference. With thousands of units sold across the US and a growing number of plumbers and contractors recommending and installing our products, home owners long wait for hot water is another problem that can be checked of their list.

If you have any questions or comments please give a call or send us an email. My direct number is (619) 786-2830 and my email address is Mark@FasterHotWater.com.

Mark Franklin, President
Faster Hot Water